Plus One

As a senior executive, you’re required to make decisions, offer approvals, and communicate on a variety of important issues. High priority items make it to your desk-and stay there-until you can respond. The most urgent, you address immediately; failing to do so could have a serious, negative impact on your business. But, some of the items you address, while important, may not be urgent. They’re significant enough to make it to your desk, but not so compelling that they command your immediate attention. Nevertheless, they’re too meaningful to ignore, and they may even represent ways to do your job better or expand your business opportunities. If you only had more time or a way to clone yourself, you could address these “second tier” priorities and take advantage of the opportunities they present. PLUS+ONE Executive Management can provide you with effective, affordable, and proven solutions to help you address them.

Utilizing this strategic approach, based on years of senior management experience, Franson Consulting will help you develop effective plans, responses, and communications that meet clear objectives-objectives we identify together and agree upon in advance. We’ll help you take advantage of opportunities that you might have previously missed, or respond to irritations before they become major problems.

Applying creative approaches tailored specifically to each of your needs, the techniques and resources we employ will help you get your job done more effectively than ever before…and, in the process, provide you with a distinct competitive edge.