Consulting: It works better when you practice what you preach

December 14, 2011

The most effective salesmen are the ones who practice what they preach. I wouldn’t buy a Ford from another car dealer who drove off in a Mercedes, even though I know they’re considered two different categories of cars. I guess I’d also find it hard to take a communications consultant seriously when he talks about “staying current” if he only updated his website once every decade, too! Obviously, I’m not talking about myself here: in my case the interval between updates of my website has only been eight years. I still have a two-year cushion before an entire decade has passed!

Actually, Franson Consulting was originally founded in1996, but we just didn’t get around to establishing a website right away. During those first couple of years websites were pretty rare and exotic. Media relations meant mostly news organizations, publications, and trade groups. “Facebook” was slang for a model’s portfolio and “Tweets” were still only exchanged between birds. Back then, we were focused almost exclusively on providing media and public relations services, copywriting and editing on a project basis to a diverse set of clients, including some with little or no connection to aviation. Since my background during nearly 30 years in corporate public relations had been in aviation-related companies, we faced a bit of a learning curve when dealing with non-airplane related subjects. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot and proved that the basic principles and fundamentals of good communications are universal and work regardless of the subject matter.