Force Multipliers: An “A-Team” (But Without Mr. T!)

Franson Consulting’s network is extensive. Its staff and overhead costs are not. However, we can offer a broad base of expertise and experience that rivals much more expansive—and expensive—agencies and consulting firms. We use the first person plural when referring to our work with clients because it’s often a team effort involving other members of a group of trusted and highly qualified experts and professionals we’ve assembled to meet our clients’ needs.

We’re all independent contractors with diverse backgrounds. We’ve worked together over the years, either in corporate settings or on a project basis, and learned each other’s strengths. We don’t have anyone who wears a lot of heavy jewelry and a Mohawk haircut, but we can definitely put together an “A-Team” that will rival any you can find elsewhere—and we can do it for a fraction of the cost.

Here’s a quick look at key members of the Group:

Steve Lowe

For more than 30 years Steve Lowe was in charge of Honeywell Aerospace’s extensive display and exhibit activities. He’s travelled the globe and has worked with exhibit companies from Australia to Zimbabwe. Steve excels at doing the extremely difficult job of creating and maintaining exceptional displays and exhibits. Read more…

Roger Overturf

Roger is a seasoned communications, public affairs, media and public relations professional who has designed, led, and successfully executed programs aimed at maximizing the effective dissemination of information. He is especially effective in representing his clients’ key positions, and developing, nurturing and maintaining open and constructive relationships with them. Read more…

Nate Franson

Nate is a graduate of Wichita State University with a double major in Political Science and Philosophy. That combination makes for a very savvy and well-informed individual who’s also a pretty deep thinker. Nate is extremely adept in the use of social media and IT-related activities, having designed and built his own computers and used them to communicate through numerous channels. Read more…