About Us

Why Franson Consulting Fits Your Needs

As specialists in marketing, strategic planning, media and public relations with decades of combined experience, we are used to working together—something we’ve done successfully for many years.

Every member of the Group has a track record of more than 20 years of dealing with trade press and general media contacts and a wealth of knowledge and experience that are difficult to match. Add specific expertise in avionics, flight controls, engines, systems and manufacturing automation, exhibit and display design, development, and even flying a variety of aircraft, and its easy to see why we can put together a team that has what it takes to provide top quality communications.

We can hand tailor news for a wide range on media outside of the trade press-from technology publications, to business magazines, manufacturing journals, tech bloggers, high worth individual magazine features, technology news publications and other outlets. With that kind of exposure, your organization will reach an extremely broad base of contacts and access resources that will make your communications responsive, relevant and comprehensive.

We’ll use the latest techniques and technology to appeal to your audience and reach them no matter where they are. We’ll take seriously your desire to build your brand and convey the value and flexibility of your product or service-and we’ll do it in a manner than provides your audience with valuable information and up-to-date information on the global business marketplace.

We think outside of the box to provide creative ways to promote your organization in a variety of media. We can help you reach beyond your typical list of prospects to broader audiences by helping editors and writers package news for their audience. With our extensive experience, we can speak their language.

Several members of the Franson Consulting Group have been reporters and editors and can relate to them as well. We understand how editors think, what they need and how fast they need our help to get your news. We are committed to professionalism, speed, thoroughness and integrity in every way when we deal with the press. That’s our stock and trade-our reputation in the industry.