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Franson Consulting is a full service communications, public and media relations consulting firm that leverages years of professional experience in senior corporate management, along with relationships built over those years, to serve a broad range of clients.

Utilizing its extensive network of contacts in the media, trade associations, government agencies and leaders of industry, Franson Consulting helps clients obtain high-value coverage that is thorough, timely and personal or taps into its extensive resources to create effective marketing and communications plans, develop compelling product presentations, or formulate well-founded and thoughtful positions on key issues.

National Publications Carrying Franson Blogs

FORBES Magazine’s Aviation AdVoice website and the September issue of PROFESSIONAL PILOT magazine are both carrying blogs by Franson Consulting’s Dave Franson. The Forbes site is a collection of several aviation-oriented blogs, written by a variety of industry leaders and communicators…Read More

Institutionaizing Inspiration

The aviation industry is segmented into distinct categories: Commercial/Air Transport, General Aviation, and the Military. All three segments are highly regulated by and subject to oversight by an extensive network of governmental entities such as the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federa…Read More

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We offer a wide range of services and a broad base of experience by accessing specific talents from a group of proven associates. View Services